Saving Energy To Save Money

Save Energy And Enjoy Bright Lighting With LED Lighting

There is a great responsibility placed on businesses now to be more responsible with their energy use. This is true for big business, but it's also true for small and medium-sized businesses as well. Some people won't do business with companies that don't take energy saving seriously. Not only is it good for the environment, it's good for your budget. One of the ways companies with large spaces to light, such as a warehouse, can improve is to use better lighting. An LED high bay light, properly placed, can be a great source of light and energy. There are some essential things to take into account before ordering high bay lighting to be installed.

Ceiling Height Matters in How Efficiently High Bay Lights Work

The high position of high bay lighting is important to how efficiently they work. Generally, you will want to make sure your ceilings are at a height of twenty feet before getting this type of light installed. There are exceptions to this height requirement, but usually you'll need a wider room to space the lights out if your ceiling is less than twenty feet. The lower the light, the brighter the room will be. For certain types of work environments, brighter light may be essential for safety and production.

Spacing Matters in How High Bay Lights Work 

Even if your work area has high ceilings, it doesn't mean a high bay light is a good option. These lights work best where there is ample spacing, usually at least fifteen to twenty feet between each light for optimal use. A different type of light will work better if space is an issue. Otherwise you may have to place one or two lights in one part of a room, and the light may be uneven. Lighting can be affected by the space it's in, even the walls being too close can impact how well a light projects, so all of these things need to be considered when deciding which lighting is best for your space.

Style of High Bay Lights Impact Building Aesthetic

It's important not to underestimate how lighting affects the aesthetic of your building. Lowering energy costs is great, but making your space look good is also important. There are high bay lights that are in large, rectangular fixtures. These are not always the most appealing, but they are good if you want to save money and just have a basic style. If you are looking for a modern look or for more durable fixtures, you may want to consider the round, integrated UFO light. These look good, have more style, and take up a lot less space. As far as energy costs, the UFO-style lights are more powerful with less energy, and they last the longest of the LED lights.

Once you have considered the space you are dealing with, as well as which styles best fit the overall look of your building, you can order the lights you need. It's a good idea to work with an electrician with these decisions. Sometimes ordering the lights yourself will save you money. An electrician may order them on your behalf but charge extra to do so. LED lighting is a great way to light up a business without having to waste a lot of energy.