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Tips For Solar Panel Care For Your Cabin

If you've decided to do a solar panel conversion on your cabin, it's important to keep the panels as clean and secure as possible. Especially if you're dealing with a cabin in a remote area, there are a lot of things to be attentive to. Here are a few things that you should understand about keeping your solar panels clean enough that they will work well. 

They Need Routine Cleaning

No matter what area you live in, solar panels need to be cleaned on a regular basis. When you're dealing with panels in an an area like a cabin, you'll want to be more attentive. On a regular basis, make time to clean the solar panels thoroughly. Use a garden hose to rinse them off. If you're struggling with tree sap or bird waste, use a sprayer that incorporates soap. Choose a mild detergent.

Remember to clean them in the early hours of the morning or late at night. The sun's rays will heat the panels up in the middle of the day, so avoid doing any cleaning during that time. Otherwise, the water will evaporate very quickly, so you won't get the benefit of the process.

Rain Is Your Friend

While most people with solar panels consider rain to be the enemy, a good rain storm is actually a benefit for you. The heavy rains can actually clear the solar panels of any debris, saving you from the time spent cleaning them.

Snow Needs Special Care

Set your solar panels so that they are angled slightly. This will encourage any snow on the surface to slide off. Solar panels radiate a small amount of heat, so they'll melt the snow layers on the panels over time. You can also brush snow off the surface to keep it melting well.

It's important to keep the panels clean because it'll cost you power accumulation in your storage cells for cloudy days. Consider installing a backup option to provide power as a backup in the case of a snow storm.

Solar panels are a great way to free your cabin from the dependence on traditional electrical power. You can work with a solar panel installation contractor for more installation and care tips. He or she can help you position the panels at a peak angle and also provide you with guidance to keep the panels clear for the best chance at power storage. For more information on cabin solar kits, check out websites like