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Making A Light-Up Alcohol Bottle Lamp For Your Bar

If you are looking for a fun way to decorate your bar area, using your used bottles to turn into colorful lamps is a wonderful way to show off your area in style. This is a relatively simple project to do as it requires no knowledge of electricity and doesn't involve any heavy-duty tools or equipment. Here are some instructions for you to use to make your own light-up alcohol bottle lamp collection for your bar. 

Materials You Will Need

  • Cutting board
  • Utility knife
  • Pencil
  • Coasters
  • Glue
  • Bottles of various sizes
  • Flat LED push button lights

Finding The Right Products

Look for a wholesale LED light distributor and buy several push button lights with different colored bulbs so your collection appears festive. You will want to find small lights that will fit in a stack of coasters you attach to the bottom of each of your bottles, so look for something tiny yet bright, if possible. Collect coasters from taverns to use for your project if you are using this for a home bar, or buy several in the same shape if you are using them in a tavern yourself.

Preparing The Base

Place a coaster on top of a cutting board. Place your LED push button light unit on top of the coaster and trace around it using a pencil. Use a utility knife to cut out the shape you had just drawn. Repeat this process with seven or eight coasters. Stack the coasters so the hole in the middle is lined up. Carefully glue the coasters together one at a time so there is a large hole in the middle of a glued stack. Allow the glue to dry overnight. 

Assembling The Pieces

Wash out a used alcohol bottle and allow it to dry completely. Slide your LED push button light unit inside the opening you had cut out of the coasters. Glue the top coaster in the stack to the bottom of your alcohol bottle and allow it to dry thoroughly overnight. To turn on, simply turn over the bottle and push the button to turn on the LED light. Flip the bottle back over and place it on your bar. 

You will enjoy the illuminated colored light, which will showcase the wording on the bottle so it can be seen from a distance. Consider placing several different bottles in a row, or place them at various heights by using small shelves behind your bar. Whenever you plan on having people in the bar, turn on the lights beforehand so they are noticed right away. These conversation pieces will be sure to be a hit by everyone who views them! Click here for more information about wholesale LED lighting products.